Siberian huskies, although generally healthy, are prone to a range of skin issues. Many of these allergies and problems do not escalate into something major if addressed quickly.

Some people love dogs, but unfortunately, just being around them causes many uncomfortable symptoms that make them back away, instead of giving a fluffy, excited mutt a big hug and patting down, 

Border collie puppies can make you laugh with their antics, but can also be a handful at times and adult dogs of any kind can be a nightmare, if not properly trained.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales around the 12th century and maybe one of the oldest breeds used for herding

Dogs cannot tell us how they are feeling so we must gauge their comfort from their actions, activity level and if we sense they are in pain. 

The Belgian Tervuren originated in the 1800’s in Terveren, Belgium the home of it’s creator, M.F. Corbeel. At this time the Turveren was one of four different dogs

When it comes to dog training. Knowing the personality of the breed you’re working with is a vital step toward seeing success. Belgian Malinois are energetic, extremely intelligent dogs 

Canine’s digestive systems and their whole genetic make-up are vastly different from a human. Many things that we eat regularly can be deadly to a German shepherd. 

Dutch shepherds are an active, energetic, and very adaptable breed that can perform many different tasks and functions.

Your dog’s puppyhood is probably the most important time of their life where they learn and develop their unique personalities. 

The Gerberian husky inherits traits, temperament, personality, and looks from both original breeds, but unfortunately, they can also inherit health problems.

The best time to bathe your dog is in the early morning or late evening. This way you’re reducing exposure to allergens like pollen and animal dander, which can be irritating for both of you!

The Sheltie is believed to be part of the collie family and because of that, they are not considered large dogs but rather medium-size coming up to 16 inches in height and weighing 20lbs.