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Dogs are often naturally at their happiest when they’re outdoors. However, when weather conditions become very hot even the toughest dogs may find themselves irritated and unhappy.

That is why it’s so important to acquire a dog house that can keep your shepherd friend comfortable in all types of climates, especially in hot summer times!

You might be wondering how you could possibly know if a particular dog house will work for your canine companion?

Did you have this same question too before purchasing one yourself? Well luckily, there just happen to be some easy ways that allow pet owners like us to make smarter decisions on which would best suit our pup!

The first step is understanding what size we’ll need as well as where exactly it is going to stay because these two factors determine much about how happy the dogs be

The best dog houses for summer are those that offer shade and protection from the hot sun.

These dog houses can be made of metal, plastic, or wood with an insulated roof to withstand high temperatures while still providing a space where your pet is comfortable and safe.

To help you find the best product for your needs, we have created a list of our favorite products. Our editors independently researched and tested these items to make sure that they are worth it! we may receive a commission when you purchase a product from our links

best dog house for summer
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  • Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Dog Hous

Dogs love to be outside just like humans do, but there are some pretty crazy elements out there that we’re not always so fond of.

Hot summers can make you feel dried out and lost for words sometimes – is it hot in here or what?! Well, the dog days of summer aren’t too scary when the pups get a chance to hang out inside their very own personal sundeck!

The Extreme Outback Dog House offers all-weather protection and winds up being a perfect place for him to take refuge from sunstroke or rising temps.

The mesh roofing ensures he’ll stay cool while gazing out at his surroundings with ease. Great for outdoor use on decks, patios, wooded backyards, and campsites.

Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Dog Hous
Precision Pet Products ( Dog House)
  • Suncast Outdoor Dog House

Next time your pup is ready to go for a swim, head for their own castle. Our premium dog house has the strength of vinyl and will keep your furry friend comfy.

This summer home also feels oh so royal to pets with an easy-to-assemble design and extra steps to seal it with water repellent material.

Share your lawn with everyone’s favorite dog. Now you can give Rover a house of his own by protecting him this summer from the hot sun, insects, and wind while he lies in sunny spots on your property.

Suncast Outdoor Dog House makes it easy for dogs up to 130 lbs., all shapes and sizes, to be outside during yard work or family gatherings without worrying about scorching summer temps!

Suncast Outdoor Dog House
Suncast Outdoor Dog House
  • Trixie Dog Club House

It’s hot out there and your dog deserves a cold, refreshing drink. Wouldn’t you feel much better.

if you could bring them in from the heat of the day? What about providing a refuge for those that are toy or yappy-type dogs with its close proximity to your living area? Let Trixie Dog Club House be their respite on hot summer days!

Your dog has been waiting all day just to get in their house until you come home. Rest assured, they’ll be safe and comfortable with the Trixie Dog Club House.

This weather-resistant summer cabin for your pup has four doors that open from either side, two windows for ventilation or peeking on the outside world, and can easily support any size of pooch up to 200 lbs. Sitting at 26 inches tall, it’s a comfy house your furry friend will love coming home too!

Trixie Dog Club House
Trixie Dog Club House
  • Tangkula Wooden Dog House

This classic log-cabin-style dog house is a fun, rustic addition to your patio, yard, or inside the house.

Main house with the roof to protect your pet during adverse weather. Pet house is made of solid fir wood which is strong and sturdy for long-lasting protection.

Features include windows so your pooch can enjoy watching the birds that fly by, a space in front for a water bowl, and a door on one end to let out their kibble (just don’t let them eat too much!)

The perfect size–large enough for most dogs but not too spacious to encourage them from going inside when it’s cold outside or rainy season!

A classic log cabin-style dog “house” is a fun, rustic addition to your patio, yard or inside the house. The main house with roof to protect you pet during adverse weather. Made of solid fir wood for long lasting protection.

Tangkula Wooden Dog House
Tangkula Wooden Dog House
  • Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses

Dogs have a lot of room to stretch out on these dog houses, and you’ll never have any of those “dog house smell” problems again.

These may just be the perfect summer home for your pet!Made of sustainably sourced cedar, this is the perfect place for your pup to recharge.

And it’ll keep heat from buildings to a minimum since it’s an open design with clever ventilation that provides shade and protection.

Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses
Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses

To check your shepherds’ status or their DNA checks, please visit the Embark vet website for all the help you may need.

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