Border Collie

The border collie comes in at the top of the list for smarts and intelligence. These dogs are extremely bright and are in their element doing a job they love; herding.

Border Collies Information

Border collies are an extraordinary breed full of oodles of energy and intelligence which makes them easily trainable, quickly picking up commands.

Border collie puppies can make you laugh with their antics, but can also be a handful at times and adult dogs of any kind can be a nightmare, if not properly trained.

The border collie is a relatively healthy breed, but just as with other dogs, they can suffer from health problems, conditions, and diseases. 

The border collie is mainly a healthy breed but can be susceptible to a few health conditions such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and a few eye conditions. They are also prone to allergies, which are mostly food-related.

Even though border collies are great athletes and in wonderful shape, they still can develop health problems, some being breathing-related.