Do Belgian Malinois Shed A Lot?

The Belgian Malinois, originally bred in Malines, Belgium for herding sheep, is quite an intelligent and hard working breed.

The climate in Belgium can often be damp and cold, especially in winter and spring, so the Malinois was bred with just the right double thick coat to stay warm in these seasons.

Being that they then have quite a bit of fur, do Belgian Malinois shed a lot? Yes, they do shed a lot, but you won’t fill multitudes of trash bags like you would with Alaskan Malamutes or Akitas either.

In the following post, I will explain Belgian Malinois shedding, how much they shed, and tips for easier clean-up so you don’t pull your hair out! Also included is information on Belgian Malinois shedding season.

Belgian malinois shedding season
Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

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The Belgian Malinois Coat

The Belgian Malinois resembles the German shepherd and is often mistaken for one. A closer look, however, will show you the differences.

Belgian Malinois are smaller with finer bones, weighing in around 40lbs to 80lbs, with males on the upside.

German shepherds generally weigh more and are stockier. The colors of the Malinois can be fawn sable, fawn, red sable, red, or mahogany and they always have a black mask. Their coat is straight and short.

The German shepherd is usually black and tan, although sometimes all black and they have coarser hair which is a little thicker and longer than the Belgian Malinois.

The Belgian Malinios do have that double-thick coat with insulation to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Even though their coat is dual, the outer coat, being short and straight is waterproof like a raincoat. The undercoat is dense and soft, for insulating in both cold and warm weather.

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Belgian Malinois Shedding and Shedding Season

Belgian Malinois does shed all year long and is a breed that sheds moderately. This means that they aren’t the heaviest shedder on the block among other breeds, but you will still find fur on the floor, carpeting, furniture, and clothes.

If anyone in your household has dog allergies, this could spell trouble. Although it is the dander or dead skin flakes a dog sheds that really cause the allergic reaction in those who are sensitive, the more fur a dog has and sheds, the dander comes along for the ride. Steps can be taken, however, to help control shedding.

Along with shedding during the year, Belgian Malinois also has a shedding season that occurs two times a year, in spring and again in the fall.

In springtime, they will shed their heavier winter coat to make way for a cooler summer jackets!

The shedding season can last anywhere from two to three weeks and is often called “coat blow.” At this time, they will shed much more fur than usual and in the fall it will happen all over again, although the summer coat they “blow” may not seem as abundant as in springtime.

After the shedding season is over they will grow in a nice warm winter coat.

Belgian Malinois Shedding and Shedding Season
Image by pixabay

Tips to help with Belgian Malinois shedding

Below are some suggestions on how to handle frequent shedding all year as well as the Belgian Malinois shedding season.

Following a routine and being consistent will actually save time and keep frustration and fur down to a minimum.


When hearing the word “grooming,” you may picture the perfectly coifed French poodle, but according to Cambridge Dictionary, grooming means, “the things that you do to make your appearance clean and neat, for example, brushing your hair, or the things you do to keep an animal’s hair or fur clean and neat.” Don’t worry! You won’t have to get your Belgian Malinois clipped like a poodle!

Belgian malinois
Image by Alicja from Pixabay


For constant shedding all year long, routinely brushing your pup at least twice a week will help to keep shedding and cleaning up to a minimum.

Brushing outdoors if possible is a great way to eliminate fur blowing around your house indoors. Spritzing the fur with a spray bottle of water can make it easier for the hair to stick to the brush instead of floating around, especially if you need to brush indoors.

Dog wipes are also a great item to have around to clean away loose fur and dirt, especially if there is no time for bathing.

Change and wash your clothes when you are finished so you don’t end up with fur on the furniture from you.

The shedding season will be more of the same but on a grander scale, so you will have to step up your game a bit by brushing every day or at least every other day.

I know this sounds intense but brushing every day will cut down on the amount of loose fur and take very little time as compared to brushing once a week at this “blowing” time.

Using an undercoat rake will help greatly in removing that dead hair and finishing up with a slicker brush will clean up anything left behind.


Bathing is another good and necessary way to get that loose fur coming out faster during shedding season. Of course, bathing will be needed at other times of the year but you also don’t want to overdo the bathing.

Giving your Belgian a bath once a month or every two months is sufficient unless they get into mud or something they shouldn’t.

Bathing them once during shedding season will be a big plus as it will help loosen more fur and perhaps even cut down on shedding time.

Never over bathe as this can dry up the oil in their skin and even cause itching, scratching, and more hair loss. Use a mild shampoo that adds moisture and is healthy for your Belgian skin and coat.


If bathing your Belgian Malinois is just too tough of a task, take them to a groomer and make the appointment during shedding season.

Dogs are usually more cooperative with the groomer and they know how to get the job done.

At this time, your groomer can also trim any areas, slightly, around ears, toes, etc. If you think a super short trim or even shaving will help eliminate shedding, yes, it will but this is never recommended.

Your Belgian Malinois needs that fur to regulate its temperature and to insulate in both hot and cold weather, plus, it protects its skin.

Without fur, you leave the door open for sunburn, ticks, and fleas and your pup will be very uncomfortable with no fur.


Healthy skin and coat start from the inside and moves outward. Feeding your Belgian Malinois a high-quality diet with the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and omega-3 fats their system needs will not only benefit their skin and coat but their overall health.

The above tips should help with all-year shedding as well as their twice-a-year “molting” or “blowing” of their coat.

Keeping with a routine and being consistent will help both you and your Belgian Malinois have more time for fun and adventure.

If you notice some totally excessive shedding that’s extreme all of the time, contact your veterinarian because this could indicate a health condition, allergy, or vitamin deficiency.