What is a Sheltie Dog

What are Sheltie Dogs

These sweet dogs are called Shetland Sheepdogs but a lot of people also refer to them affectionately as Sheltie.

This breed of dog is an absolute pleasure to meet and an even better partner for those looking for a dog that is as friendly as they look.

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Sheltie Physical Characteristics

What sheltie dogs

The Sheltie is believed to be part of the collie family and because of that, they are not considered large dogs but rather medium-size coming up to 16 inches in height and weighing 20lbs.

Their long snout and pointed ears are certainly very beautiful when paired with their mane and more often than not, most Shelties have their ear color similar to their mane. Like many collies, these dogs do require more exercise than a toy dog but they do not require as much as athletic dogs such as a Husky.

One of the characteristic features of a Sheltie is the beautiful poof mane that is reminiscent of a Chow Chow but because their fur is much finer, the fur does not stand up in a way similar to a lion rather it hangs loosely and looks rather smooth.

However, no matter how smooth it may look, do not be fooled because Shelties are dogs with two coats with the undercoat being denser and therefore it pushes the outercoat out further, giving the Sheltie its signature fur poof.

Since they have such a majestic look with their fur, it is recommended that their coats be brushed regularly if not daily to prevent matting and uncomfortable knots.

Some dogs such as a Pomeranian may be shaved and have their fur grow back but it is highly not recommended for anyone to shave their Shelties because it is their fur that they need for protection against cold winters and harsh sunlight in the summer.

Their bathing ritual is not as demanding as their combing routine with baths being commended every so often dependent on their activities.

Most Shelties tend to have a mix of colors ranging from black, white, caramel, tan, and chestnut.

While some Shelties have a gradient of colors, some have delightful spots on their ears and heads, giving them some extra character that sets them apart from other breeds.

Their coloring can be difficult to seek out in an autumn field but fear not, these dogs are exceptionally bright and are loyal to those they view as family.

If it looks as if they are running too far and you are unable to distinguish them from beautiful fallen autumn leaves, they will absolutely come back no matter the cause.

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Sheltie Physical Characteristics

Shelties Temperament and Personality

Apart from being loyal, a Sheltie is rather easy to train in comparison to other stubborn breeds such as a Shiba. They are clever and they have little to no ego because what they generally care for most is to please their owners.

They are quick to pick up tricks and habits (good and bad) and are always up for playing with adults or children! They have a very gentle temperament and because of their willingness to please their families, they are very understanding and patient, making them a trusted breed to be around children.

Protective of those they love and sensitive to the environment around them, Shelties may seem hostile at first towards strangers and show it with excessive barking.

While it may seem aggressive when Shelties bark upon meeting strangers it is more a timid and protective reaction than an attacking one.

Just be sure to have the stranger meet your Sheltie halfway and allow them to smell and become used to a new presence.

It does not take long for a Sheltie to adapt to a new person or environment – they just need to do it at their own pace and feel as if their family is safe before they are able to let their guard down.

While Shelties are affectionate with people, they are originally bred for herding and they can develop a habit of nipping at heels or ankles.

Of course, the severity of this habit will be dependent on the owner and how they chose to approach the problem.

Their instinct for herding is not necessarily a bad thing though, it makes it so they are extremely agile and fast! In combination with their ease of learning new tricks and their need to please, Shelties are one of the top dogs people love to enter into competitions.

To keep a Sheltie engaged physically and mentally is a fantastic way to bond with them! They have no problem living out in a rural area or a city home because of their size.

They simply need daily exercise such as a walk or a nice run in a field and they will be more than pleased.

With their temperament being relatively easy-going and their love for playing, Shelties generally get along very well with new dogs.

To bring a Sheltie to a dog party would be similar to bringing them to dog heaven because of all the new smells and dogs they are able to play with.

Just be sure to keep an eye out for any stranger that may approach them because if Shelties, like many dogs, is unexpectedly spooked they may have a fight vs flight response to the situation.


It may seem as if they are exceptionally high in energy but these dogs love to cuddle as much as they love running! They are the epitome of a family dog that wants cuddles from anyone in the family that is willing to give them.

Their size allows them to sit on couches or beds without taking too much room all while ensuring their presence is known.

Shelties Temperament and Personality