Dutch Shepherd

All dogs begin life as puppies and who doesn’t love puppies? They are small and adorable but need plenty of care; even Dutch shepherds!

Dutch Shepherd puppies

The Dutch shepherd is a medium-sized dog that can be mistaken for a German shepherd and even a wolf. This shepherd has a few diverse looks, so identifying one can be a bit tricky, especially to the novice.

Some common health problems can be found in all dogs regardless of breed and the Dutch Shepherd is no exception.

Some people love dogs, but unfortunately, just being around them causes many uncomfortable symptoms that make them back away, instead of giving a fluffy, excited mutt a big hug and patting down, while receiving big sloppy kisses.

The Dutch shepherd can develop a few health issues and allergies can be one of them. Yes, dogs can suffer from allergies just as we humans do.

Dutch Shepherds are a smart, independent breed of dog. They need food that is tough enough to keep up with their high energy and muscle needs but this can be difficult for some owners who do not want an overly expensive diet plan.

Ear problems can crop up in your Dutch shepherd and some can affect hearing, while others are just plain uncomfortable. 

The Dutch shepherd is used to working life, they like to be busy and require plenty of exercise. They need to be both physically and mentally challenged or they will become bored.