German Shepherd

German Shepherd Eye Problems

Almost all German shepherds you’ve seen have probably had brown eyes and this is most common for the breed. You may have seen one with blue eyes

German shepherds, unfortunately, are more prone and genetically predisposed to the stomach and digestive issues and conditions

Because German Shepherds are also brilliant, you can train them efficiently without any issues. They can learn faster compared to other dog breeds.

German shepherds will, unfortunately, shed all year but will also have a German shepherd shedding season that occurs twice a year, usually spring and fall.

German Shepherds are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world. They’re known for their loyalty, intelligence, and good looks.

Hip dysplasia can show symptoms when your German shepherd is around two years old unless it is caused by an injury as a puppy.

German shepherds are more prone to suffering from skin issues. We humans aren’t the only ones who sometimes have skin rashes, dry skin,

The right food for your shepherd is essential to fuel them through their day and give them the energy they need for the active German shepherd they are.

Any breed of dog can develop health problems and purebred dogs are more prone to health issues due to inbreeding and improper breeding.

Bladder infections are a common condition that any breed including the German shepherd can suffer from at one time or another in their lifetime.

German shepherds need to have regular veterinary visits and although we get our pup from a reputable breeder

” Most often an out-of-control German shepherd is due to their owner and bad training. As the saying goes, “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.”

German shepherds and Rottweilers have many similarities; intelligence, power, brawn, and their ability to guard and herd. 

They make good guard dogs, and pets. They are both clever and obedient and territorial so will guard their

The shepherd’s loud booming bark can turn many right around in their tracks and give them a fright. This is perfect if that someone is trying to break into your home, 

Panda German Shepherd was bred in the early 2000s and was not done so on purpose. The breeder had no intention of trying to reproduce for the purpose of creating pups with white spots

The big problem here is that you can’t let your German shepherd puppy behave any way they please just because they are too darn sweet to discipline!

The German shepherd once called the Alsatian, originated in the 19th century, in Europe where Europeans were beginning to breed dogs to suit their needs.