Which one is suitable for an apartment German shepherd or Rottweiler?


You are considering getting a dog and you really like the looks of the German shepherdOpens in a new tab.

and the Rottweiler.

Perhaps you have had one of these breeds in the past, or a friend or acquaintance has either dog. You just cannot decide which one is right for you.

In this article, I will compare these two breeds and each individual personality and temperament to help you decide between the German shepherd and the Rottweiler.

If you live in an apartment you will learn which one is more suitable for an apartment.

Which one is suitable for an apartment German shepherd or Rottweiler?
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German Shepherds and Rottweilers

German shepherdsOpens in a new tab. and Rottweilers have many similarities; intelligence, power, brawn, and their ability to guard and herd. In choosing between these two stellar breeds, there are few clear-cut differences.

History of the German Shepherd

The German shepherd originated in the 19th century as a herding dogOpens in a new tab. in Germany and even then demonstrated how impressively agile and intelligent a dog it was.

These dogs are known to be excellent police and military dogs as well as service animals often working with the vision impaired.

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Are German Shepherds Hypoallergenic?
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History of Rottweilers

The Rottweiler’s history has been around a lot longer than the German shepherd’s. They are also herding dogs used by the Roman Empire for cattle herding while traveling through Germany.

Before WWII, they grew in popularity in the UK and the United States and were used as guard dogs, police, and military dogs during the war.

German shepherd size

An adult German shepherd can weigh anywhere from 75 pounds to 95 pounds and its height can range from 22 inches to 26 inches, possibly being over two feet.

They are a very sturdy and solid breed and can adapt to any weather conditions. They are extremely powerful, so any owner, especially a novice needs to properly train their shepherd,Opens in a new tab. or they may find themselves drug along with the leash. A German shepherd that jumps can easily knock a small Opens in a new tab.child or adult down.

Rottweilers size

A Rottweiler has a few pounds and is the height of a German shepherd. They generally weigh from 95 pounds to 135 pounds and their height is between 24 inches and 27 inches. Quite impressive! Because they are heavier, than the German shepherd and have a stockier build, they are not as energetic and can become obese if they are not exercised regularly.

Again, an untrained Rottweiler can be dangerous because of their sheer strength when walking on a leash or becoming overexcited, just as when someone “doesn’t know their own strength.”

German Shepherd Personality and Temperament

German shepherds often get a bad rap for their booming barkOpens in a new tab. and sharp set of teeth. If they are trained properly, your German shepherd may just be a big furry softy.

Because they are well-known as police and military dogs as well as drug sniffers, this is where a problem could develop.

They have herding and guarding instincts. Guarding is great if a burglar breaks in but not if friends come, calling and your German shepherd will not let them in.

German shepherds are extremely intelligent, loyal devoted and they can be wonderful family dogs and good with children.

However, statistics are not in their favor because they are a breed well-known for biting. They need to be properly trained. Because they are so large, you must assume the role of pack leader.

This eliminates aggression and other problems. If you do not own the title of alpha or pack leader, your German shepherd can become aggressiveOpens in a new tab. or destructive and they are just too big to allow that.

Socialization as puppies is very important to have a pup that is well-adjusted and comfortable in any situation.

Shepherds love their families but can sometimes be aloof or wary of strangers. Socialization nips this in the bud.
Exercise helps their personality immensely. They can become bored without enough exercise and boredom equals destructive tendencies and even aggression.

German Shepherd  Personality and Temperament
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Rottweiler Personality and Temperament

Reputation sometimes also precedes the Rottweiler. People usually equate them with an angry and mean-looking dogs that may attack although many are just big softies.

This breed possesses the herding ability and the guarding instinct, also being used by police and the military by chasing down bad people.

Rottweilers are very obedient, affectionate with family, and very loyal. However, they can also appear aloof, distant, and wary of outsiders.

just as the German shepherd is well known for their “bite,” they, most often males, are known for their aggressive tendencies. Rottweilers possess a personality that can be dominant and they are excessively big and strong to be the controlling force in your household.

Again, socialization and training as puppiesOpens in a new tab. are the keys to avoiding bad behavior or halting it immediately. You must become the alpha pack leader by always being consistent, firm, and in charge.

If Rottweilers do not receive enough exercise, they cannot only become overweight, but boredom leads to an unruly dog causing destructive behavior, stubbornness, and aggression.

Rottweiler Personality and Temperament
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Apartment Living

Living in an apartment alone, you may long for a pet. Apartments are much more suitable for cats or small dogs.

Large dogs can live Opens in a new tab.in an apartment and there is no hard and fast rule that says they can’t, but space in an apartment is tight and cramped.

Concessions can be made and your large dog will need plenty of exercise because there isn’t much room for excess energy in an apartment. This can lead to boredom and destructive behaviorOpens in a new tab., leaving no one happy.

German shepherd or a Rottweiler. Which one is more suitable for an apartment?

German Shepherd

German shepherds Opens in a new tab.are very adaptable and can live in an apartment, but some criteria must be met before this happens to make everyone happy.

Sometimes German shepherds suffer from separation anxietyOpens in a new tab.. Make sure your pup is either crate trained or well-behaved while you are away.

If you work long hours, consider a pet sitter or doggie daycare. Working from home would be perfect or you may work in an office that allows employees to take their pets to work. The best of both worlds!

German shepherds are barkersOpens in a new tab. and if yours barks a lot whether you’re home or away, this will not make you a popular neighbor. It may not work out very well with you and your landlord either.

Exercise and plenty of it will be necessary so your pup uses pent-up energy and doesn’t become bored.
Your shepherd should be a well-socialized dog Opens in a new tab.as neighbors are close to an apartment building.

With everyone coming and going in small hallways and elevators or stairways, you want a friendly dog. A large dog puts off many people.

Training is the answer for a well-behaved German shepherd Opens in a new tab.even if it means guided obedience classes, which is a good idea for you and your shepherd.


Rottweiler puppies need plenty of exercises because they have tons of energy. As an adult though, because of their size, a Rottweiler has a lower energy level.

They still need exercise so they don’t become overweight or bored. Boredom could lead to destructive behavior.

Rottweilers love to be with their family, so they can also suffer from separation anxietyOpens in a new tab.. This is also where destructive behavior can rear its ugly head.

Do not leave any dog alone for long periods of time and gradually work up to the point where you will be away for a few hours. See how they do at first.

Don’t begin by leaving them for a full workday or you may come home to a big surprise that would be an unpleasant one.

Your neighbors may also be intimidated by your dog’s size, so being friendly is a plus. Your pup may revel in all of the attention they get from neighbors.

Once again by socializing with your Rottweiler and training properly click this link for the dog training class Brain Training For Dogs Opens in a new tab.you can avoid any problems altogether while having a very obedient and affectionate dog.

When weighing in on which breed is more suitable for an apartment? I will say that although a small apartment would be better suited for a small dog.

A large dog can do fabulously in an apartment as well, with proper training, socialization, and plenty of exercise.

The breed that would be slightly better suited for apartment living would be the Rottweiler because they are less active than the German shepherd.

This is not to say a German shepherd wouldn’t work in an apartment setting. Every individual dog has his or her own unique personality and this would be the determining factor.

If you live in an apartment, speak with your landlord before getting a German shepherd or Rottweiler.

They may not allow pets at all and unfortunately, because of the German shepherd and Rottweiler’s reputation and with insurance and liability higher for the two, they may be prohibited.

If allowed and you have your heart set on either breed, do some research and know beforehand what is entailed. With time, love, patience, and training, you can have an apartment and a large dog too!

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