What are the best toys for shepherd dog breeds?

What are the best toys for shepherd dog breeds

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German Shepherds love to play. Most dogs really, like to play, but this high-energy dog tends to turn Tasmanian devil when handed his or her favorite toy.

Whether they’re chasing or tugging, or simply walking around with their toy of choice stuffed into their mouth. German shepherds also tend to be very rough on the items they consider prized possessions.

This situation leaves owners in a predicament. What are our best options to feed into the wild side of our pups and let them rough house and play to get all those crazy zoomies out? without spending a fortune on toys every single month?

When it comes to the old phrase you pay for what you get, that’s as true as it gets in the dog toy world.

You made be tempted to snag that bargain tennis ball attached to a rope, but the first good round of fetch will have the ball split in half and your pup is highly disappointed.

Dog toys that will last are also more expensive than their cheaper counterpart but you’ll buy less over time and you’ll be giving your pup a safer product. Check out this list of our favorite indestructible dog toys, chew dog toys, and dog puzzle toys.


When it comes to fetching, the top criterion is something that is easy to throw. Can handle the powerful mouth of a German shepherd, and is safe for your buddy.

As mentioned above, tennis balls are cheap but they’re quick to break and the glue that holds the fuzzy texture can be toxic – none of that is something you want to expose to your puppies.

Kong is one of the leading indestructible dog toy options. You’ll find a list of all their options and through that list, a few products stand out as stellar fetch toys.

  • Kong Classic:

Make sure you pick the appropriately sized Kong for your dog and the appropriate chewing level. The classic king is not only easy to throw and easy for your dog to get their mouth around but made of safe material and you won’t have to worry about breaking apart.

This toy can also be used to keep your dog busy while you aren’t home by filling it with dog-safe treats. Pro tip: fill it with kibble, plain Greek yogurt, and do a peanut butter topper ten freezes it before letting your pup lick all the goodies out. Again, just make sure you’ve selected the right Kong size for the safety of your pup.

KONG - Classic and Ziggies - Dog Chew Toy with Dog Treats - for Large Dogs
# dog toy
KONG – Classic and Ziggies
  • Kong Ball:

This has all the benefits of being a Kong classic (again, safe material along with being highly more durable than a tennis ball) but formed into a basic ball shape for those pups who just want the ball please, please, please!

Don’t worry if your dog takes off with the ball in his mouth because this bad boy is going to stay intact.

KONG Air Dog Squeak air Tennis Ball Dog Toy, Large, Yellow, 6 Count
KONG Air Dog Squeak from Amazon
  • Extreme Flyer

Extreme Flyer This last on the Kong fetch toy list is this one of a kind, Frisbee. Not only does it make an excellent fetch toy but it’s a lot more forgiving for your pup to catch than a traditional hard Frisbee.

Your shepherd’s mouth will thank you, and you’ll feel good knowing he isn’t ingesting any harmful pieces of broken plastic.

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Extreme Flyer from Amazon

Chuck, also makes a few fetch toys that are safe, fun, and nearly indestructible.

Fetch and Kick: This is a great option for those of you who want something bigger to handle than a ball, but still want that ball style.

This can be thrown or kicked, and the size makes it a fun challenge for your German to use as a retrieving you.

Yet, this isn’t meant to handle quite the same level of chomping shepherd jaw, so don’t let your pup sit and chew on it between rounds.

Chuckit Max Glow Kick Fetch Large
Kick Fetch From Amazon

Chuck It Rubber Ball: Pair this safe to chew on a rubber ball with a chuck launcher, and your German shepherd will be running like crazy.

Toy balls for chasing don’t get much better than this, and the whistle sounds make it easy for dogs to hear the direction it’s headed in low light.

Canine Hardware ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Balls Classic 4-Pack
Hardware ChuckIt from amazon

Tug Toys

Tug Toys: For the dog that really wants to wrap his mouth around something and compete in a never-ending battle of tug-of-war with mom or dad, here are the best of the best.

ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy - Dog Puzzle Treat Food Dispensing Ball Toys - Fixed Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers - Chew Toys for Puppies and Large Dogs - Teeth Cleaning Toy for Dogs
Dog Chew Toy from Amazon

Red Line k9 French Linen: The dense material combined with dual handles makes a superb tug toy. When it comes to tugging, this toy is as tough as it gets, however it isn’t one that should be left alone for your dog to play with.

He could easily chew off the handles, and this is intended to hold up with intense owner/shepherd play, not bored shepherd play.

Bundle - 1-3 Handle French Linen Bite Pillow, 1-3 Handle French Linen Bite Wedge - Redline K9
Handle French Linen from Amazon

Kong Tug Toy: If you want a toy you can tug with and leave out for your pup without worrying about them tearing it up this tug toy makes a great option.

Just be careful, those handles can get slippery when covered with shepherd doggy drool!

Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Pull Toy, Durable and Guaranteed for Tug of War with Medium and Large Dogs - Rubber for Aggressive Power Chewers Like Pit Bulls, Labs, and German Shepherds
Dog Pull Toy, from Amazon

If you’re looking for a dog puzzle toy that your pup can play with in a more interactive way without involving you let’s face it. We don’t have the ability to play 23 hours a day like a German shepherd) Kong has one of the top options.

These toys are safe to leave out for your pup to play with and will keep them busy while they try to crack the secret code of how to dispense delicious treats.

Feeko Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed 15 Inch Interactive Dog Toy Large Indestructible Dog Toys with Convex Design Natural Rubber Tug-of-war Toy for Medium and Large Dogs Tooth Cleaning
Dog Toys from Amazon

If you have a shepherd who just wants something in his mouth all of the time, wants to bite on it like there’s no tomorrow, and it seems like everything else has failed, it’s time to bring out the heaviest of heavy-duty.

Goughnuts: The Goughnuts rings are safe, bulletproof (or at least shepherd-proof), and will hold up to the teeth-chomping test.

While shopping for your favorite new toy, keep in mind that a toy needs to be the right size to be completely safe when left alone with your dog. Avoid balls that are too small and toys that could easily be chewed into pieces and swallowed.

Dokken Mallard Dead Fowl
Dokken Mallard Dead Fowl from Amazon

And when looking for chew dog toys avoid rawhide bones. as they not only are unsafe to ingest due to how they’re made but can easily get caught in your shepherd’s mouth.

There you have it, fellow German shepherd parents! A list of nearly indestructible dog toys! Enjoy playing, and remember it’s worth spending the money on something that lasts versus adding another to the dead toy graveyard every few weeks.