Sheltie Puppies

Sheltie puppies

Raising a dog is a great experience, but raising a dog from its puppy stages is unique and unforgettable. You get to watch them grow up right in front of your eyes.

The Sheltie is believed to be part of the collie family and because of that, they are not considered large dogs but rather medium-size coming up to 16 inches in height and weighing 20lbs.

like all dog breeds, shelties are prone to a list of health problems and diseases. Some are avoidable by turning to a reputable breeder for your new puppy

Shelties are a particular joy for pet owners who enjoy training in obstacle courses, as shelties love being mentally stimulated. With this intelligence, however, behavioral issues arise.

Blue merles have genetic differences from their original counterparts, but they don’t present as problems or issues for the dog.

 Sheltie has a higher risk than other dogs of getting hypothyroidism due to their genetics and previous skin problems.

Corgi puppies, particularly Pembroke Welsh corgi puppies, are among the most affectionate and intelligent breeds out there

For most people, dogs barking all the time is a problem. Barking is communication for dogs, so there is a reason shelties bark a lot.