Are German Shepherds Good with Small Dogs?

Are German Shepherds Good with Small Dogs?

German Shepherd dogs are very protective and also territorial by nature. They are the best guard dogs that you can have around the house.

Because German Shepherds are also brilliant, you can train them efficiently without any issues. They can learn faster compared to other dog breeds.

However, they can be aggressive if they don’t have a chance to socialize with other people.

You need to walk them and let them get exposed to different types of people as well. That way, they will not end up being overprotective since they are guard dogs by nature.

Are German Shepherds Good with Small Dogs?
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Are German Shepherds Good with Small Dogs?

Generally, German Shepherds can get along with small dogs or other small animals, especially if it’s another pet.

You have to introduce them so that they will not act overly protective. These types of dogs can be suspicious to strangers, so it’s best to make sure to show them that the small dog is also a part of the pack.

Even though German Shepherds can be good with other dog breeds, there’s a tendency for them to knock smaller dogs.

They are bigger and can get very playful at times, and there’s always a risk that they might hurt dogs smaller than them.

They are strong canines, so it may be a good idea not to mix them with small dog breeds, mainly if they are not used to each other.

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Are German Shepherds Good with Small Dogs?
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The Behavior of German Shepherds with Small Dogs

As guard dogs by nature, German Shepherds can also become protective of small dogs around them. That’s a good thing since small dogs can be vulnerable.

They are bigger and stronger than other dog breeds; that’s why German Shepherds can easily overpower smaller dogs. But they don’t usually get aggressive with them if they are already used to them being around.

However, if not trained, German Shepherds tend to attack small dogs as well. They have a strong sense of hunting prey, and it’s possible that they may not be right for them.

These types of dogs can chase a variety of small animals. If you have a new pet, it’s better to introduce the little dog first and not leave them alone.

Let the German Shepherd get used to the small dog’s presence for some time.

why Does my German Shepherd attack small dogs?

Are you wondering why your German Shepherd is attacking small dogs? Find out here what might be causing the behavior, and get tips on how to help your pet behave better around other animals. The reasons are

Strong Prey Instinct

Strong Prey Instinct The German Shepherd can attack your small dog if it has a powerful prey instinct. They are territorial, and that can contribute to that factor.

If you have it as a puppy, it’s better to train it right away to get along well with other dogs.

It’s essential to avoid putting them in the same area if it barks aggressively at the small dog.

If the German Shepherd has a strong prey drive, the little dog will be in trouble if you have them together.

    Not Enough Exposure

    Not Enough Exposure Lack of socialization with other dogs can make German Shepherd dogs attack other animals. If you’re planning to have a small dog as another pet, it’s best to train the German Shepherd to mingle with different types of dogs.

    Not enough exposure will make your German Shepherd dog unfriendly. If that’s the case, you need to train it to get along with other small dogs well first. Seeing them as part of the herd will make them good with small dogs in the long run.

      Can Be Too Dominant

      Can Be Too Dominant German Shepherd dogs can become too dominant. They are bigger and stronger, and the tendency to bully small dogs is higher.

      You can observe if it’s dominant so that you can decide if it’s a good idea to have a little dog.

      If the German Shepherd dog position itself higher than you or doesn’t respond to your orders, that means that it’s very dominant.

      It’s best to have more training time so that you can stop its aggressive behavior towards small animals.


        Overprotective German Shepherds can be overprotective and can be aggressive when other dogs are around.

        Since it’s a guard dog, it will act aggressively when it sees another dog nearby. It can even attack big dogs because they are protecting you.

        These dog breeds are also territorial, and they don’t like to share their spot with another animal.

        It means that you can’t put your small dog in same area. If it happens, they are willing to attack any dog breed to gain their territory back

        Why German Shepherds Will Attack Small Dogs
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        How to Avoid German Shepherds Attack Small Dogs

          Train On Leash

          When it’s still a puppy, German Shepards should be trained right away. You can do this while the dog is on a leash. If it listens to you and does what you asked it to do while on the leash, that means that you can control it.

          Giving treats while training your German Shepherd is a must. It’s also a great way to have a strong bond with your dog.

          Once you have to listen to you, you can introduce a small dog and see how it will react before having another dog.

            Separate It from Small Dogs

            Suppose the German Shepherd lives with small dogs; it’s best to separate them at first. It has a strong prey instinct. It’s better not to bring them all together in one area. That will not be safe for your small dogs if you force that.

            However, you can teach your German Shepherd to stay whenever it becomes violent with small dogs. It’s useful training to follow so that it can be easier to have them at the same place in the long run.

              Avoid Small Dogs Getting Near

              When the German Shepherd is on a leash, avoid small dogs going near it. That can annoy the German Shepherd and will continue being violent whenever it happens.

              Plus, the prey instinct may elevate, which is not a good thing if you want them to get along.

              How to Avoid German Shepherds to Attack Small Dogs
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              So, are German Shepherds good with small dogs? It depends on when they are appropriately trained, they can be good with small dogs.

              If not, it’s better to avoid having them close to each other. But with proper training and making them get used to other dogs, you can have them live in perfect harmony.