German Shepherd Shedding, Do German Shepherds Shed a Lot?

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German shepherds have a nice amount of fur, but not as much as a Siberian huskyOpens in a new tab.

or an English sheepdog so they probably don’t shed much, right? Wrong! German Shepherds shed a lot.

If you own a German shepherd, then you know that they are notorious shedders that can cause wafts of fur to blow around your house just like dust bunnies.

If you have a dark woolen coat, it may look like you were rolling around the floor with your dog when you go out. Frequent vacuuming and sweeping are always on the to-do list.

Even though your German shepherdOpens in a new tab. doesn’t look fluffy, one reason for the constant shedding is that they have quite a thick double coat.

Their undercoat is insulated, being a temperature regulator by keeping them warm in winter and cooling them in summer.

Their outer coats protect them from the elements, rain, snow, and wind and help keep dirt out. This fur is either straight or wavy. Being both coarse and dense.

German shepherds Opens in a new tab.will, unfortunately, shed all year but will also have a German shepherd shedding season that occurs twice a year, usually in spring and fall.

At this time, you will find massive clumps of fur around your home. This is perfectly normal.

Just as we prepare for winter by getting warmer coats out, German shepherdsOpens in a new tab. will shed their summer coats and a thicker winter coat will grow in, It is mostly the thick undercoat that is shed and it is often said that your dog has “blown” his or her coat. It definitely does look like there has been an explosion!

How to Control German shepherd Shedding
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German Shepherd Shedding Solution

Don’t get frustrated about all of the fur. There are a few things you can do to minimize tumbleweeds.

Daily Brushing

To keep shedding to a minimum around your house, brush your shepherd daily with a slicker brush. These work well to remove loose dead hair and this way they will be less on your floor.
During German shepherd shedding season,

you may need to pull out the big guns, like an undercoat rake. During this period of heavy shedding, your shepherd may look a bit ragged and unkempt.

You will even be able to pull clumps of fur from their hindquarters just like pulling at cotton candy.

This is where the undercoat rake becomes very useful. It removes all of that dead undercoat fur. you can buy online on amazon by clicking the BUY NOW Opens in a new tab.

To keep shedding to a minimum around your house, brush your shepherd daily with a slicker brush. These work well to remove loose dead hair and this way they will be less on your floor.

Bathing and Grooming

Bathe your German shepherd three to four times a year, two times during their big shedding period. Use a dog shampooOpens in a new tab. with healthy ingredients.

Some shampoos are available to help with sheddingOpens in a new tab. and can improve the condition of their coat.

If a groomer bathes your pup, a little trim can help remove some bulk and help your pup look and feel a little neater.
Do not bathe your shepherd too often as this can cause dry skin Opens in a new depleting the healthy oils in their skin and can cause itching which will equal additional shedding.

Diet and Water

German shepherds need to have good high-quality dog foodOpens in a new tab. without grains and fillers but which includes good protein for energy and the health of their body, skin, and coat.

Cheap dog foodsOpens in a new tab. often contain preservatives and chemicals. These foods can cause gastrointestinal issues as well as food allergiesOpens in a new tab., which in turn cause itching and more shedding.

Try to buy a portion of food that includes healthy Omega 3 or Omega 6 fatty acids, which are so good for skin and coat. Ask your pup’s veterinarian for suggestions.

Just as we are told to drink eight glasses of water daily, make sure your shepherd has access to fresh water all day, every day.

Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration, which is bad for their skin and coat as well as their overall health.

To check your shepherds’ health status or their DNA checks, please visit the Embark vet Opens in a new for all the help you may need.

german shepherd grooming
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Fleas, Ticks, and Allergies

Make sure to use safe flea and tick products for your German shepherd. If they end up with either fleas or ticks, this is never good news for anyone and it will mean more scratching and shedding.

The same goes for allergies, either food or seasonal. These can present with itchingOpens in a new tab. and make your pup very uncomfortable.

Finally, although you cannot stop your shepherd’s shedding altogether, some of the tips above should help cut down on some vacuumingOpens in a new tab. and give your German shepherd a nice healthy coat in the process.

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