What To Look For When Buying A Dog Blanket?

Dog blanket

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What should look for when buying a dog blanket
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When shopping for a blanket for your German Shepherd puppy, it all depends on what it’s going to be used for. If you want it for their bed, you do not want it so large that the puppy will be smothered.

Some pups like to lay on the blanket, while others cover up and burrow in. Placing a hot water bottle in a blanket can also help your new puppy feel at home with a feeling that their warm mother is beside them.

What To Look For When Buying A Dog Blanket?
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You may also want a puppy blanket for the furniture, like a couch or chair and in this case, it would need to be bigger.

Having a blanket on the furniture will ensure an easier clean-up when the puppy sheds. Another great idea for furniture is a waterproof blanket, excellent to make any accidents nothing more than a clean-up and washing, rather than a disaster with lingering consequences.

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Good materials are Sherpa, fleece, or cotton/fleece and definitely washable. Wash all blankets beforehand, again without perfumed laundry soaps, which can irritate the puppy’s delicate skin.

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Adult German shepherd

Many of the same rules apply when buying a dog blanket for your grown German shepherd. By the time, they are an adult you will know their needs and how they sleep;

if they like burrowing under covers or on top. You should also have an idea of what kind of material suits them.

A waterproof blanket is still an excellent idea for the couch. If your German shepherd lies on the couch or in a chair, they will drool, shed, sometimes smell, and sometimes throw up if in need of a bath.

From personal experience, I can tell you that your dog will never throw up on the linoleum! It will happen on the rug or anywhere that is not an easy clean-up! Put that waterproof blanket at the top of your shopping list.

Being a member of the family, your German shepherd adult or puppy should be able to be just as warm and comfortable as you should, especially in the cold winter months.

When shopping for a bed and blanket ask for advice from friends, a vet, or pet store owners, or check out reviews online to ensure a successful transition.

To check your shepherds’ health status or their DNA checks, please visit the Embark vet website for all the help you may need.

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Your pup should have their own space; this does not mean their own room, but a spot, preferably near you, and set up with a bed, blanket, and toys. A place to call their own with a good night’s rest waiting for all.