How to Train a Siberian husky to live with a Cat?

How to Train a Siberian husky to live with a Cat

It is not impossible for a Siberian Husky and a cat to hang out and live in a house together. you just have to take some proper precautions.

You have to make sure you take certain steps so that both of your pets are safe in your home and you never have to worry about your husky trying to go after your cat.

All the animals are completely comfortable hanging out with each other it takes time and patience. Let us going to be taking our first steps towards getting your cat acclimated to hanging out with your Siberian husky.

How to Train a Siberian husky to live with a Cat?
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Let’s start with the first step if you already have a small cat and you wish to have a Siberian husky as a new pet in your home there are some proper precautions that you should take care of before you introduce the Siberian husky into the cat.

When you bring your Siberian husky puppy into your home for the first time make sure to take your cat to one side of the room, keep your Husky puppy behind the closed door, and then let them smell each other for some time through the crack of the door.

Shortly the cat will interested in, what is going on on the other side of the room. Moreover, slowly will come on over to the little crack by the door. Moreover, your Siberian husky puppy should wait right on the other side of the door.

When your little cat paws things right under the crack of the door. Let them just sniff each other through the crack of the door.

This is how your cat and husky puppy acclimated for the very first time, before being introduced to each other.

Your little cat will get a very first good impression, it is very important for the cat to have a very first good memory, and you want to make sure that your new husky puppy does not scare the cat, also to let the cat know there is a new member of the family in the house.

Keep your cat and husky puppy in a separate room from each other for about one hour, and then eventually you are going to introduce the two of them.

These steps should be under the supervision of the family’s adult member. The most important that you understand is when you finally allow your cat and husky to meet each other.

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Siberian husky train to live with cats
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Introduction cat to the Husky

When you think it is time to introduce a cat firstly training a Siberian husky is very essential before introducing it to the cat, and then make sure the first thing you do,

you show him love to the cat in front of the dog, to let the husky know that the cat is part of the family and you love him, and always when the husky is around you start showing love to the cat.

By this, the husky will understand that the cat is part of the family and they cannot be allowed to attack the cat.

Love the Cat

The entire cat’s stuff is put in a high place, higher above the dog, and the dog’s stuff is on the floor at all times.

By this, you will give an indication to the husky puppy that the cat is a high-ranked member of the family. Therefore, you should not attack the cat and respect him.

How to Train a Siberian husky to live with a Cat?
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Food time

Now it is time to have the food, place the cat’s food on it high such as on a counter or anywhere else. when the cat can have their food comfortably, while Siberian husky has their food at the same time on the floor in front of the cat.

The cat in the higher place and the husky in the lower place that is very clear commend to the husk that a cat is a super important family member. Moreover, you should respect him and not be allowed to attack him.

Scramble and Running

When your cat starts to scramble and run from one room to another room. Cats love to run from time to time, which makes the husky run following the cats this is common for the Siberian husky to chase the cat. This is normal and you should expect that.

All you can do is discourage the husky to do so, take control of the saturation, stop the husky, and not let him chase and run following the cat.

Siberian huskies by nature are very protective pets they never harm family members. Therefore, there is no risk for cats.

You just want to control the Siberian husky and let him know that the cat is a very special important family member. Siberian huskies and cats can get along with each other’s very well; it just needs time and patient