Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats?

Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats?

The Siberian husky is an extremely popular breed of dog and over the years has become quite the family dog as they get along well with children very well. Being pack animals, they are agreeable and compatible with other dogs.

But, what if you are considering adding a husky to your family and having a cat? Are Siberian huskies good with cats? The answer to that question is generally, no. Huskies are instinct-oriented

for hunting small prey and cats can appear to them as essentially that; small prey. There are, however, exceptions to every rule.

In this article, I will include information on raising husky puppies with cats and some tips on how to unite them.

Are Siberian Huskies Good With Cats?
Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

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Siberian Husky Personality.

Siberian huskies are medium-sized dogs that is an energetic, active, friendly, affectionate, good-natured, and somewhat free spirits. They are rarely aggressive, however, they do possess a strong prey drive.

The Siberian husky originated with the Chukchi, an indigenous people in Siberia. They were bred as working dogs to pull sleds with supplies to neighboring villages in harsh winter conditions.

These dogs lived with their packs but among the Chukchi and were treated as companions and pets, often playing with the children.

When the weather turned warmer, during the months of summer, the huskies were allowed to ramble around free and would hunt for their own food, which would be small prey.

This prey would include squirrels, birds, rats, mice and you guessed it, cats that were wild. To this day, they hold inside them this basic instinct and it is ingrained in their personality.

There are a few things to do to acclimate a husky and a cat but you always must remember that no matter how well your husky and cat get along, this instinctual prey drive may be hidden, but it will never go away. It can suddenly return unexpectedly with unpleasant consequences.

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siberian husky
Image by pixel73 from Pixabay

Cat Personality.

Cats can have many personalities and some can even seem, at times, to be either bipolar or have a split personality.

Huskies are a friendly breed and combined with the different cat temperaments can either mesh well or not. A few of those personalities are listed below.

Cat Personality.
Image by Ty Swartz from Pixabay


The dominant cat usually reigns over the household and this includes other animals. If you have a husky puppy, this could go well by putting the poor pups in their place when they get out of line. The dominant cat may also bully your husky which wouldn’t be an ideal situation.


Friendly cats get on very well with people, dogs, and other cats. They purr a lot, rub up against you, and generally don’t make waves or freak out about anything.

A friendly husky pup and a friendly cat equal a peaceful household.


A skittish cat is one that does freak out on a regular basis. They are afraid of most things, being very anxious most of the time. This high-strung cat will put everyone on edge including your husky puppy and make for a very unsettled home.


This type of cat loves people and other animals but they tend to be quite curious and like to explore. This nosiness can get them into trouble and if your husky pup joins in then it’s double trouble!


An unpredictable cat is just that; unpredictable. They may be loving and purring one minute and lashing out with those drawn, slicing claws and sharp teeth the next for no apparent reason. Not a good mix for a poor husky puppy.

Raising husky Puppy with Cats.

So now you know what a husky’s temperament is like and all about the different personalities of cats. Below are some tips on getting them together and raising husky puppies with cats.


The ideal situation for raising a Siberian husky puppy and a cat would be if you added them together as a puppy and kitten. This would be easier.

They would be smaller and you could train them at the same time while growing up together.

If you are getting a husky puppy and have a cat already, the tips included can work for a puppy and kitten or puppy and adult cat. More caution needs to be used for an adult cat equation.

You should proceed slowly with this endeavor. Make sure each has its own “safe” spots and ensure that your cat has a way to escape if things get too rough.

No worries. Puppies are more open to new things and cats definitely have a way of giving anyone the “slip” and getting away.

Baby gates are a big help. A cat can jump the gate, while a puppy will not be able to make it.

Always keep both dog and cat food dishes in separate places. Your cat may not bother the dog food but your pup will most assuredly eat the cat food.

Your cat’s litterbox should also be in an out-of-the-way area to which your husky has no access. Dogs love stinky distasteful things and you do not want them rooting around in the litterbox.


Keep your puppy on a leash at first if need be to let them smell each other and have time to get acquainted.

They will undoubtedly sniff each other and your husky puppy may be more receptive to meeting your cat. Your cat, however, may be used to being the “royalty” of the house and may not be as accepting.

They may not welcome a puppy’s excitement or wet slobbery kisses. Cats, though, are very curious and if they are not pleased and run off, they will, for sure, be back to investigate.

That’s the way they are wired, Just make sure your cat always has an escape route in case things get out of hand. Keep in mind as well, that cats can sometimes be instigators and purposely drum up trouble.

Continue and develop

Continue slowly developing the relationship between your husky puppy and cat. Let your puppy and cat gradually spend more supervised time together. Puppies are more accepting than older dogs.

Oftentimes, as puppies grow, they may think there is no difference between them and your cat and may even begin to act like a feline.

Socialization and training

Socialize your puppy with as many new things as you can; people, places, things, smells, sounds and sights. This will help your puppy be well-rounded and tolerant of all.

Training your Siberian husky is also essential for a well-mannered and obedient pup. You must establish that you are the leader of the pack and the one in charge.

Be firm with all rules and especially when your puppy is playing with your cat and may get rough. Cats can become quite nasty at times using their sharp teeth and claws.

Scold your cat as well, although they have selective hearing and tend to turn their back and ignore you, possessing a very different temperament than dogs.

Obedience training in a formal setting can be a great plus for you and you’re husky. You receive helpful tips as well as much-needed socialization for a puppy.

It is possible, to raise husky puppies with cats. Be aware of any aggressive action on either side and never leave them unattended.

Because of prey instinct, your husky can, out of the blue, chase your cat as prey, not for play. It may never happen, but always make sure your cat has an escape route to safety.

Although it may never emerge, your husky’s prey behavior will always be embodied in them.

Remember these helpful tips when putting a Siberian husky puppy and a cat together for peace and harmony in your home.