Tips for Siberian husky Owners

siberian husky guide

Siberian Huskies are some of the most intelligent and protective dogs you can find, which means they may require extra training to get them where you want.

If this is your first time having a Siberian or if it’s not, make sure these common mistakes don’t happen with yours!

What are the common mistakes Siberian husky owners make? Here’s a few of them. Expect your dog to be intelligent and protective, which means it’ll take more time before they’re trained how you would prefer.

If you think to will bring a new dog or if you already have, a new dog or you would like to have a Siberian husky dog, be sure to avoid some common mistakes that you probably do.

The dog can be trained as you would prefer. The Siberian husky is known as a very intelligent dog and protective dog, the following are some of the common mistakes

Siberian husky tips
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Plush Toy

Firstly, when you buy a toy for your Siberian husky never ever buy a plush toy as the husky does not like the plush toy they will turn in into a tear, whenever you buy a plush toy for your Siberian husky they will end up with small pieces and make a mess in everywhere in your home your floor.

However, if you still like to give an old plush toy or a new plush toy make sure is a big toy and there is no stuffing inside.

This saves you time and money saves you time by cleaning up the mess on your floor, as well as wasting money by buying a toy for your Siberian husky and not last long.

If you want to give your Siberian husky a toy, give them a robust toy hardly breaking a toy, a chewable toy, Nyla bone, or bones chew toys, so they take much longer to play with.

Never shave

Some dogs have fluffy hair especially woolly husky puppies; you may think you want to shave your Siberian husky hair in the summer, shaving Siberian husky is a very dangerous process it is may cause Siberian husky skin sunburns in the summer, as the Siberian husky has no pigment in their hair, sometimes it may threaten their lives.

However, you can shave woolly husky a small amount of hair it will be ok, but never shave it down to the skin.

Skip Exercise

Daily exercise is essential for Siberian husky as they have full energy Siberian husky is medium size dogs and a very social breed, therefore never let them skip their daily exercise or go out for a walk.

If you do not let the energy out of them, the husky will eventually become distractive.

When the Siberian husky got distracted, they are going to be a mess everywhere in the house, they will chew your cloth, sofa, or anything around inside your home, and they will do those think until getting their energy is released.

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Siberian husky exercise and training
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Take a water

The common mistake that Siberian husky owners do is that when they take huskies for a walk or for an activity, they miss the water.

Siberian husky very easy to get overheated a lot of the time. Make sure when you go out do not miss the bottle of water, especially in the summer.

Siberian husky gets thirsty a lot and the last thing You don’t want is that your Siberian husky has a panting overheating and you don’t have water, so make sure when you are going out for a walk for any activity you don’t forget a bottle of water.

Taken advantage

There are many mistakes everyone will make when it came to the Siberian husky breed, which is to take advantage of you and you cannot let him or her take advantage of you.

When it came to you and begging you for food. Because Siberian husky is very cute and most people will make mistakes repeatedly, but remember Siberian husky learn from routine by doing some thinking over and over again.

When the husky came to you every time and all time begging you for food and you give them every time, this is letting the Siberian husky take advantage of you, also you will teach him very bad behavior.

Moreover, it will not only ask you for food now it probably ask your guests too when they came to your house.

Therefore, it is very important that you do not let husky take advantage. So just be in mind the way you act with your Siberian husky, if let them do any think they will repeat them over again and again so if you considering having a husky or you already have a Siberian husky at home make sure you do not repeat those mistakes.

However, if you already made one or more mistakes you just remember the Siberian husky will always train them and take them out of this behavior.