White German shepherd Husky Mix Information

White German shepherd Husky Mix

The white German shepherd husky mix is a hybrid dog that is a cross between a white German shepherd and a Siberian husky.

A hybrid breed is a cross between two purebred breeds of dogs and the white German shepherd husky mix does not disappoint.

This breed gives you the best of both the white German shepherd and the Siberian husky with the amazing pure color and the blend of spectacular attributes each one possesses. Reading ahead you will find some important white German shepherd husky information.

History of white German shepherd Husky Mix

White German shepherd
Image by Rebecca Scholz from Pixabay

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All the way back to the year 1899 in Rhineland, Max Von Stephanitz, and a friend. Arthur Meyer was seeking a “super” dog to compete in the German All-Breed Dog Show.

They needed a highly intelligent and strong, disciplined dog and they came across Horvand von Grafrath, or “Hector.” who is believed to be the patriarch of the German shepherds.

Although Hector was yellow and gray, he carried white recessive genes; recessive meant that it can determine a trait or color.

In those days, herding dogs such as the Kuvasz and the Great Pyrenees were used to round up sheep.

Herdsman selected white dogs because they were easily distinguished from the European wolves who had dark coats. Thus, the white German shepherds were used for herding sheep.

In 1912, white German shepherds were imported to America and were registered by the American Kennel Club in 1917.

In Germany, in the 1940s, the Nazi party discouraged the breeding of white German shepherds.

They believed that genetic issues were caused by the white gene that was carried by some German shepherds.

They also thought that dogs lacking dark pigment were the result of the white gene fading the usual black and tan color of shepherds.

Unfortunately, reports state that many white-coated German shepherds’ puppies in the litter were killed. Although, white German shepherds are in existence in Germany today.

There are no records because they are forbidden to be registered in that country. Germans also believed that an albino trait that is recessive caused the white color.

In canines, albinism is rare. If white German shepherds were albino they would have pink eyes containing no pigment and their skin would not be pigmented as well.

In puppies born from parents with both dark pigmented eyes and skin, pigment is always present.

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White german shepherd
Image by Rebecca Scholz from Pixabay

All canines are descendants of wolves from way back in time. Many people compare the Siberian husky to a wolf and although there is a slight similarity, that is where the comparison ends.

Huskies are extremely social animals and wolves are just the opposite, living in the wild and steering clear of people.

Eye color in huskies can range from light brown to brown, with different shades of blue, green, and even both eyes, each with a different color. Wolves have yellow eyes, which makes for a distinguishing trait.

The Siberian husky originated in the portion of eastern Siberia, close to Alaska. These dogs were necessary for the Chukchis, who was an Eskimo tribe, whose survival depended on the huskies transporting supplies to different villages and helping with trail scenting for hunters. The Huskies also lived among families and played with the children.

In 1908, a fur trader from Russia brought the first Siberian huskies to Alaska.
In 1925, a severe outbreak of diphtheria occurred in Nome, Alaska requiring the serum to be transported to Anchorage.

The serum could only be taken part way by train but was carried the rest of the way, 650 miles, in bitter temperatures, by sled dogs. This was called The Great Race of Mercy.

Siberian husky
Image by Наталья Коллегова from Pixabay

White German shepherd Husky Mix Puppies.

White German shepherd husky mix puppies are adorably cute and come about by the cross-breeding of a white German shepherd and a Siberian husky.

They are very easy to train because their parents are motivated, social, very intelligent, and energetic, just to name a few of their wonderful traits and qualities.

Training should begin early as well as socialization. Siberian huskies are known for their very social behavior but white German shepherds are herding dogs that have a tendency to guard and protect.

This is a good reason for training and socializing. They will not let anything happen to their family.