German shepherd Husky Mix Puppies

Husky Mix Puppies

Two of the most popular dog breeds in America are the German shepherd and the Siberian Husky.

By cross-breeding this duo of fabulous dogs together, the result will encompass the very best characteristics of both breeds and give you some mighty cute puppies, but how to train a German shepherd husky mix puppy is the big question.

The breeds both have excellent traits; some are similar and some are different. Do you train a German shepherd husky mix like you would a German shepherd or a Siberian husky? Following is some helpful information to answer your questions.

German shepherd Husky Mix Puppies
Image from Pixabay

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Is A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy Easy To Train?

The German shepherd husky mix is an easily trainable puppy, being the result of two highly intelligent dogs. They are very motivated, super smart, clever, love to learn, and aim to please.
German shepherd husky mix puppies are known as hybrid dogs. They are not mutts or mixed-breed dogs.

This dog is a cross between two purebred dogs and the result is a hybrid or totally new breed of dog. They are sometimes known as Gerberian Shepsky or a Shepador.

When training this breed of dog, you need to understand the behavior of both original dog breeds first.

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Is A German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy Easy To Train
Image by Jeannette1980 from Pixabay

Understanding The Temperament Of The German Shepherd Husky Mix.

The German shepherd is a very intense and focused dog that has strong instincts for protecting, guarding, and herding and is used today partnered up with police or the military.

Since they were originally bred to herd, they have the desire to chase and round animals up, This instinct can be quite strong.

They are very loyal and bond tremendously with their family. Oftentimes, though, they do not do well when left alone.

The Siberian husky was bred as a sled dog and has worked as a team player, also being quite strong.

They are very social and friendly dogs, living among people and their pack over the years. They can at times, however, have an independent and stubborn streak.

Both these breeds have strong instincts for running. The German shepherd chase prey and the Siberian husky runs while pulling a sled with their team.

The traits of both breeds must be kept in mind when training your German shepherd husky mix puppy.

Training Your German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy.


Training that should begin from day one with your puppy is housebreaking. Begin by taking your puppy outside every twenty to thirty minutes because puppies have small bladders and bowels and can’t hold them for very long.

You should designate a certain area for them to “do their business” and use whatever word you’d like, such as potty, so your pup gets the idea.

When your German shepherd husky mix pup is successful, reward it with either excitement and praise or a treat. Your pup will quickly catch on and as they grow the length of time in between outdoor trips will increase.

Keep a good eye on your puppy while in the house in the early weeks and quickly take them out when you see them sniffing or circling.

Accidents may happen but if you see them happen, tell them “no,” but never show anger. If you don’t witness them in the act, don’t say anything because they won’t know what they are being scolded for.

Clean up the accident to eliminate odor, which will prevent them from thinking that’s their spot and avoid future mishaps.

It won’t be long before your puppy will be letting you know with bark or whine that they need to go out. Puppyhood doesn’t last forever.


Socialization is a very important part of the training. Just as many aspects are included in raising a well-rounded child, the same goes for raising a well-rounded German shepherd husky mix.

Introduce your puppy to different experiences, people, places, other dogs, sights, sounds, and smells.

All of this exposure to different circumstances is the best way in enabling your pup to grow into a happy, social, well-behaved, and welcoming dog.

The more they experience, the less fearful they’ll be of new things. This will help prevent any type of aggression towards people and new situations.

Remember that the German shepherd part of your pup has the guarding and protective instinct, while the Siberian husky is the social one.

Training and obedience classes are also excellent ways, not only to get help with training but to interact with other people and their pets. Your pup may end up the social butterfly of the class!

Training Your German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy.
Image by Andrés Carlo from Pixabay

Basic commands

Your German shepherd husky mix needs to learn basic commands for its own safety as well as others. When beginning training with your puppy, keep sessions short.

Puppies tire quickly from all of their bursts of energy and are easily distracted, sometimes by just a blowing leaf. Have patience, give plenty of praise, and never show anger.

Come, sit and stay

To begin practicing the command “come,” have someone hold your pup and then use the command. When they return to you, reward them with praise or a treat.

This command is very important when your pup becomes too wound up if you have guests or you don’t want them jumping around.

Outdoors should always be in a fenced yard or on a leash. If they should ever get loose the command “come” could just save their life, so make sure you are consistent in teaching this very necessary command.

Sit and stay are two more commands that your German shepherd husky mix should learn. Teach them to sit and with a hand signal like a traffic cop tell them to stay.

You can give them a treat the first time so they get the idea, then take a step back and tell them to stay with the signal once again. When they stay, you can reward them with either a treat or praise.

If they follow you, no reward is given. Gradually move farther away each time, increasing the distance between the two of you.

As they get older, they should sit and stay wherever they are and wherever you are when you give the command. Again, in the beginning, be consistent by training every day, but keep sessions short and be patient.

Drop it; leave it

The drop it and leave it commands are imperative, especially if you have small children in the house. You should be able to take your pup’s food away or any off-limits household items without your puppy exhibiting any signs of aggression, such as growling or snapping.

Practicing ‘drop it” should be done with items your pup likes such as a favorite toy, bone, etc. Start young and use the “drop it” command. You can practice this about ten times in a row. Work up to off-limit household items and even practice outdoors where there are distractions. Your dog should drop anything you tell them to.

The same rules apply to “leave it.” Practice this with a treat on the floor. Use the command “leave it” and let the treatment sit there.

Your pup can only get the treat when you say so otherwise they are told to “leave it.” Lengthen the time and even walk away. Rewards can be given for “leaving it.”

Keep in mind that with any training, these pups are instinctively packing animals and you are their pack leader. You are in charge. Because they are such intelligent dogs they will easily learn all of these commands.

Training on leash

Before you begin to train your German shepherd husky puppy mix on a leash, you must acclimate them to their collar. Put it on them a few times a day until they are used to it and then keep it on.

Work in a fenced-in area by having them smell the leash and then clipping it on and letting them get used to the feel by dragging it around. Don’t allow them to chew on it.

Distract them with toys or a game of catch. Continue by lightly holding the leash and if they try to chew it, let them carry a toy in their mouth for distraction.

If they begin a tug-of-war game with you, don’t pull. simply drop the leash and try again. Advance with short walks and give praise for a job well done. Soon your pup will equate their leash with adventures and fun times.

Basic training commands for german shepherd mix puppy
Image by Gavyn Caldwell from Pixabay

Final Words.

Keep in mind when training your German shepherd husky mix puppy, you may run into a few stumbling blocks, but you can speak with your pup’s veterinarian. They may have some suggestions or tips for you.

Obedience classes are another option and there are many books, DVDs, and even YouTube videos that deal with training your puppy.

The key elements in training your German shepherd husky puppy mix are to give your pup plenty of love and attention and always be consistent, positive, have patience, and never show anger.

This will ensure a smooth transition from puppy to adult. Your German shepherd husky mix puppy is a very intelligent and easy-to-train breed, making for a well-mannered and well-behaved adult dog.