Gerberian Shepsky Puppy

gerberian shepsky puppies

The Gerberian shepsky is a breed that combines the stellar traits of the German shepherd, loyal, protective, intelligent, and obedient with those of the Siberian husky, also loyal and intelligent, energetic, and sometimes mischievous.

The Gerberian shepsky, also known as the Siberian shepherd or the German husky, is a mix of these two awesome breeds, the German shepherd and the Siberian husky to create a “hybrid.”

No one knows the true origin of the Gerberian shepsky but breeders in the 1980s began breeding two different purebred dogs to create many “designer” or “hybrid” breeds.

With the combination of the German shepherd and the Siberian husky, the qualities of each are evident in this newer breed.

The German shepherd began as a herder of sheep around 1899 and today has expanded roles with the police and military and also as a loyal and loving family pet.

The Siberian husky was originally bred by the indigenous people, the Chukchi, in Siberia about 4000 years ago, to work as sled dog.

These dogs pulled heavy cargo through harsh winter conditions and today some are still used as sled dogs but they’ve also become wonderful family dogs and companions.

If you are considering getting a puppy and you love the looks and temperament of both the German shepherd and the Siberian husky but can’t decide between the two, the Gerberian shepsky just may be the right fit.

In the following post, I will give you information on the Gerberian shepsky puppy, including a Gerberian shepsky growth chart as well as tips on what to feed a Gerberian shepsky.

Gerberian Shepsky Puppy
German shepherd with Siberian husky by pixabay

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Gerberian Shepsky Appearance

Gerberian shepsky puppies’ unique feature is their appearance, which can be vastly different from puppy to puppy, leaving many people scratching their heads wondering just what breed of dog they are, even in adulthood.

Being that they are a German shepherd and Siberian husky combined they can have features of one or both.

Colors can be stunning, sometimes a combo of black and brown but they can also be gold, cream, grey, or have a bluish or reddish tint.

These shades can be mixed or solid. This breed can be a mixed bag, appearing like a German shepherd with husky colorings or like a husky with Shepherd hues.

The Gerberian shepsky can grow to be quite a large dog depending on the genetic make-up of the parents which also determines coloring and eye colors as well. These dogs can range from a smaller 45lbs to 88lbs when fully grown.

Often the stunner in these dogs is the intense blue eyes that some have, and with those blue eyes and a shepherd look, this is what confuses many.

Their eyes can also be brown/gold or they can even have one blue eye and one brown eye known as heterochromia.

The Gerberian shepsky will have two double-thick coats, with an undercoat being dense and warm for insulation and a topcoat which is usually straight but fluffy, unlike the German shepherd’s.

The Gerberian shepsky’s appearance is what is a unique characteristic that makes people wonder if your pup is a German shepherd or a Siberian husky.

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Gerberian Shepsky Appearance
Gerberian shepsky puppy by pexels

Gerberian Shepsky Temperament and Personality

The Gerberian shepsky will embody the temperament and personalities of both breeds, the German shepherd and the Siberian husky.

One personality will complement the other. If you may think that German shepherds are sometimes serious and all business, then the husky’s happy-go-lucky playful attitude will be an addition.

Likewise, the husky’s sometimes stubborn temperament can try your patience but it will be blended with the German shepherd’s obedience.

The Gerberian shepsky puppy is a nice melding of obedience, intelligence, a willingness for hard work and learning plus some added calmness.

These puppies are easily socialized and trained. Their German shepherd nature of protectiveness can be good quality but will be complemented by the husky nature that is willing and eager to make new friends.

Training and socialization are always needed with any breed of a puppy but the Gerberian shepsky is the perfect combination of the traits, personality, and temperament of the original two breeds.

Gerberian Shepsky
image by pexels

Gerberian Shepsky Growth Chart

The Gerberian shepsky will grow into a medium to a large-sized dog and reach its adult size between 12 and 14 months of age.

Adult German shepherds usually range from 70lbs to 80lbs and full-grown Siberian husky’s can weigh from 50lbs to 60lbs so the weight of the adult Gerberian shepsky should range in between although if parents are a large German shepherd and a large Siberian husky, weights could be higher.

Below are some average weights of the Gerberian shepsky puppies as they grow.

Gerberian shepsky puppy agePuppy weight by PoundsPuppy weight by Kilo grams
Birth1.1 lb0.5Kg
1 Month3 lbs – 7.5 lb1.4Kg – 3.4Kg
2 Months10 lbs – 15.5 lb4.5Kg – 7 Kg
3 Months20 lbs – 30 lbs9.1Kg – 13.6Kg
4 Months27lbs – 37.5lbs12.3Kg -17Kg
5 Months30lbs – 46.5lbs13.6Kg -21.1Kg
6 Months34lbs – 53lbs15.4Kg – 24Kg
7 Months35lbs – 60lbs15.9Kg – 27.2Kg
8 Months40lbs – 64lbs18.14Kg – 29Kg
9 Months40lbs – 68lbs18.14 Kg – 30.84 Kg
10 Months45lbs – 70.5lbs20.4 Kg – 32kg
11 Months45lbs – 72.5lbs20.4Kg – 32.9 kg
12 Month45lbs – 75lbs20.4Kg -34Kg
24 Months50lbs – 82lbs22.7Kg -37.2Kg
36 month50lbs – 84lbs22.7Kg – 38.1Kg
Gerberian shepsky puppies Growth chart

Stages of Gerberian Shepsky Puppy Development

Below is some information about Gerberian sheepskins as they develop.

2 – 3 weeks – puppies are up and walking, ears and eyes open

2 months – can leave mother and begin housebreaking and socialization

3 months – vaccinations are given and exercising can begin in moderation

6 – 7 months – shows their own personality and adolescence begins, may challenge or show a stubborn or independent streak, needs more guidance and socialization

9 months – can begin a transition to an adult diet and more vigorous exercise
10 – 11 months – reaches sexual maturity

18 months – considered an adult but will still have puppy playfulness

Stages of Gerberian Shepsky Puppy Development
Gerberian shepsky image by pexels

What To Feed A Gerberian Shepsky

When you bring your Gerberian shepsky home from the breeder, you should know already what you will be feeding your puppy and have it on hand.

The breeder should have been feeding your pup high-quality dog food complete with all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and necessary nutrients so your pup can grow to be energetic, strong, and healthy.

The breeder will either let you know what they’ve been fed or give you food to take along.

Check the ingredients, do a little research, and even ask your veterinarian if the food is suitable and healthy.

If you are not happy with their present food, you have an important decision to decide what type and brand of food to use. Do not rush out and immediately change foods.

Give it some thought and study and even when you’ve made your decision, gradually add new food to the old until they are eating all new food.

Switching foods abruptly can cause gastrointestinal issues from stomach upset to diarrhea. Listed below are a few types of food to consider feeding your shepsky puppy.

Dry dog food or kibble

Kibble is a good choice for dog food as long as the ingredients are healthy and have the right caloric intake as well as the proper nutrients, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

With high-quality dry food everything is included so there’s no need to worry if they are getting enough nutrients and supplements.

Dry food helps your pup’s teeth stay cleaner because they must chew it and it’s somewhat abrasive, so teeth don’t stain. If you’re traveling with a pup, it’s convenient and easy to transport.

When it’s time for adult food, you can easily transition to the adult version.

Kibble’s disadvantage is that it can become boring and is not a portion of food eaten normally from instinct like raw meat and bones.

You can spice it up with some acceptable fruits and vegetables that will not only be tasty but nutritious too.

When reading ingredients on the label of kibble, make sure that protein is the first listed and that it is real meat protein and not a by-product.

There shouldn’t be a zillion ingredients on the list and especially if many cannot be pronounced. Steer clear of grains and wheat, which can ignite allergies.

Wet or canned food

This food smells more appetizing and is more like their ancestor’s food. Again, ingredients should be checked as canned food sometimes has more fat and calories which may cause weight gain.

Be sure the canned food is a healthy brand. Wet food may be more expensive and is harder to use on the go but it can be mixed with kibble for an occasional treat.

Homemade food

Homemade food for your pup does not mean what is on the dinner table for you and your family or table scraps.

There are recipes for making at-home puppy and adult food, which should always contain a meat or protein source.

Homemade food is a good way to skin allergies and digestive issues because you will know exactly what is in it. This, however, can be more costly and time-consuming.

Your Gerberian shepsky may also require supplemental vitamins to ensure they are getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper growth.

Raw diet

Becoming increasingly popular is the raw food diet or BARF (bones and raw food) diet. This includes raw bones and meat and sometimes fruit and vegetables for the addition of fiber.

There may be more nutrition in this diet because it doesn’t lose vitamins and minerals during cooking. It is good for your pup’s teeth with abrasive chewing and is also more instinctual.

Even though this diet has been highly acclaimed for healthfulness and also for avoiding allergies and gastrointestinal issues, caution and care must be used in preparation.

Fresh products need to be used and utensils and cutting boards washed and disinfected thoroughly due to possible bacterial contamination by salmonella or E Coli, which can not only be harmful to your pup but to you and your family as well. This diet can also be quite costly and time-consuming.

Whichever diet you choose for your puppy, it should be the best quality and most nutritious food but also budget and time friendly.

Your pup will be fed four meals a day at first and this will be cut back to three and finally to two as an adult.

Adding a Gerberian shepsky puppy to your family will give you the best of two breeds, the German shepherd and the Siberian husky.

By complementing each other. these two breeds create the Gerberian shepsky. which is truly a remarkable and unique breed in both looks and personality.